Calls to Action for Auto Dealerships

Calls-to-Action (CTAs) placed within your dealership blog posts have one goal: To drive a visitor to take a desired action. CTAs are tempting and should be interesting enough so customers want to click on them. Perhaps it’s an offer, a whitepaper, a free how-to; whatever it is, they must be intriguing and exciting. Let’s look at 7 types of calls to action your auto dealership needs now!

1. Solve Their Problem

This type of CTA entices consumers that want to solve a problem. An example might be a free comparison guide on fuel efficiency by model and vehicle class. Or, an auto dealership may want to offer a free download for a factory brochure on the latest hot new model via a .pdf file.

Consumers are also interested in your parts and service departments and great problems to solve are mechanical tips, access to a parts catalog or a guide to frequently asked car repair questions. When a person reads one of your blogs it’s most likely because they have a problem or want to learn more. These types of calls to action solve their problem.

2. Industry Specific

If a blog is industry specific, say reaching out to contractors in your area, a CTA needs to entice them and be specific to their industry. Say the blog is about how the RAM ProMaster is the best in its class for contractors. A good example would be: Download Our Whitepaper on the All New RAM ProMaster Just for Contractors. Remember the CTA should be specific to each industry you are attempting to reach—contractors, schools, farmers, fleet customers, etc.

3. Learn More

Research shows that 93 percent of online research starts with an Internet search. These people are looking for product reviews, specifications and expert ratings and they’re searching for them on the Web. A consumer may land on a dealership blog about comparing cargo space in vans. A click-on button that will help the consumer learn more is very effective. For example: Download our Guide on Van Cargo Space.

4. Lead Generation

By far, the biggest purpose of a call to action is to generate more qualified leads for your sales and marketing team. These need to be bright and make use of contrasting colors. Lead generation buttons are more effective if they appear at the end of the blog, above the fold or on the side. If a blog is all about why consumers should consider electrical vehicles, you could have multiple CTAs on the topic—one for a quote, one for electrical car statistics and one all about electrical vehicles you sell.

5. Exciting Enough to Share

Then again there are guides, reviews or whitepapers within blogs that offer something interesting enough to share. These readers might be connected with groups on LinkedIn within their industry and realize the offer, whitepaper or guide is something to share with colleagues. These don’t necessarily have to be industry specific but something comprehensive and exciting enough to make the reader want to share what you delivered after they clicked on your call to action. A good example here is a current rebates and incentives specific to your dealership. Or, service offers for a dedicated group or industry—like teachers, law enforcement or EMTs. Make sure the offers are current and if they are trendy enough, people will share them on social media and even email.

6. Promotional

If your auto dealership has just received the newest makes and models from your manufacturer and are now ready for viewing in your showroom and on your sales lot, you might want to announce it in a blog—but a graphic prompting someone to click on it can do even more! For example, a CTA that leads website visitors to sign up for a free on-site demonstration of these latest models leads those visitors to a fill-in form and that’s a sales lead.

7. Prompt a Call From Your Sales Department

After Internet research, all buyers get to a stage where they want to speak to someone about a product or service. These folks are ready to buy. Use these prompts in blogs that are written expressly for these consumers. That means no fluff but instead, essential information on vehicles, service or parts with a CTA they can click on to receive a call from your sales team.

All of these are great examples to include in your auto dealership blogs. The most important element of a call to action is to grab the consumer’s information with a form. A CTA that takes a reader directly to the offer, guide or whitepaper without filling out a form, won’t increase lead generation. Be sure your forms are short. Ask for a name, email address and company, for example. If a form has too many fields, it will turn the reader off. Develop your forms by working with your sales team on what they need the most to follow through with the form generated lead.

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