Auto Body Shop Marketing Strategy

By: Sylvia Cochran / Senior Writer

What are the four “Os” of successful body shop marketing? What can they do for your business today? Is inbound marketing all it is cracked up to be?

The Four “Os” of Inbound Marketing for Auto Body Shops

Online Marketing for Auto Body Shops

Whether you specialize in collision repair, auto painting, detailing and basic maintenance, or general auto body work, it is impossible to get new customers without paying attention to the four “Os” of successful inbound marketing.

  1. Online branding. How does your website portray your brand? Has it changed? Should it?
  2. Online reputation management. What are recent customers saying about your shop? Are they singing the praises of the new OEM collision parts you use? Are they questioning your judgment in relying on recycled collision parts? Managing your online reputation calls for swift and judicious reactions to criticism, questions, and compliments.
  3. Outsourced social media engagement. Unless you have plenty of time on your hands and do not mind spending hours on Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp!, it pays to have someone else handle your social media posts and customer engagements. If this “someone else” is experienced in the fields of blogging, social media marketing, and online reputation management, you are a step ahead of the competition.
  4. Optimized local SEO. Search engine optimization for the neighborhood market is a fundamental component to finding new customers. In the auto body repair business, almost all business is local. Sending out well-crafted email newsletters with shareable content that ties into your social media marketing strategy is a good idea. Add a keyword-targeted blogging campaign and maybe some authoritative video content.

Great Shop Signage is not Enough

Blogging for Auto Body Shops

There used to be a time that would let you hang out a shingle or put up a sign, and you could call it a day with your marketing efforts. Times have changed. As noted by the 2015 Body Shop Business Industry Profile, the overwhelming majority of your business, a whopping 34 percent, comes from word-of-mouth advertising. In bygone days, this reference would mean neighbors were talking across picket fences.

For the contemporary customer, these are conversations going on online – frequently via social media. The body shop that is not on the cutting edge of online engagement, marketing, and branding will likely be at the forefront of businesses losing customers to those professionals with an online strategy.

How to Promote Your Auto Body Shop with Inbound Marketing (but without losing your shirt)

SEO for Auto Body Shops

You do not have to pay an arm and a leg for a group of seasoned professionals to handle your inbound marketing. Deal with a local operation that invests in personal service, the design of an online branding strategy, and a targeted online reputation management tactic. Our experts handle all your blogging, social media, and newsletter needs. Do you prefer a hands-off approach and want someone else to deal with it all? We can do it!

Inbound marketing is your surefire way of getting the word-of-mouth advertising that brings new customers to your shop. When working with a local inbound expert sounds like something you want to explore further, call Jean at 254-793-2485 or email