7 Types of Calls to Action You Auto Dealership Needs Now

Calls to Action for Auto Dealerships

Calls-to-Action (CTAs) placed within your dealership blog posts have one goal: To drive a visitor to take a desired action. CTAs are tempting and should be interesting enough so customers want to click on them. Perhaps it’s an offer, a whitepaper, a free how-to; whatever it is, they must be intriguing and exciting. Let’s look at 7 types of calls to action your auto dealership needs now!

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Auto Body Shop Marketing Strategy Not Working? Here is the 4 “O” Fix!

Auto Body Shop Marketing Strategy

By: Sylvia Cochran / Senior Writer

What are the four “Os” of successful body shop marketing? What can they do for your business today? Is inbound marketing all it is cracked up to be?

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Looking for an Affordable Small Business Internet Marketing Plan?

If you Google “small business Internet marketing” you’ll get around 26 million results in just 78 seconds! So how do you choose one? Where do you start? Most of choosing the right business for you depends on your needs.

What Do You Need?

Affordable Small Business Internet Marketing Plans

Things that Internet marketers do include things like:

  • Blogging
  • Landing Pages
  • Website Changes / Content Writing
  • Email Marketing (Newsletters)
  • Social Media Management
  • PPC Management
  • Google Analytics Help

These are the largest items most small businesses require.  Large corporations have their own departments dedicated to completing these tasks but as a small business owner, if you don’t have an Internet marketing plan for your business, you will be lost in the world wide web of everything.

Make a Plan (and a Budget)

Best Small Business Internet Marketing Plans

Of the items listed above, make a plan on what you really need. Some businesses might just need blogs and social media management. Others may want PPC ads and other ads such as those found on Facebook and LinkedIn. Then there are others who need a website redesign or an entire new website.

Plan what you need first and then come up with a monthly budget you can afford. Say that budget is only $500. Did you know there are business out there that can give you what you need for only $500; some even for less dollars. It all depends on your needs.

Be Very Picky About Support

Internet Marketing Plans for Small Businesses

Many online marketing companies add fees for items like support or administrative needs. Other’s do not. Be sure to ask about any hidden fees before you sign on the bottom line. For example you might sign up for a great company only to learn that you need to pay to talk to your project manager. That happens more than not.  And, email support should always be free.

Content Length and Other Things Really Do Matter

There are many plans out that offer prices as low as $300 a month for up to 8 blogs a month. Be very wary of these types of plans. Why?

  • Blog Length – First off, the blogs you receive may not reach the minimum word count Google relies on to index the blog. 500 Words are great but you really need blogs that are 600 or more in length. Many companies will write only 300 words.
  • Keyword Stuffing – This is a big problem with some marketing companies. This often happens when a business wants quantity, not quality to make their bottom line. Skip these guys all together. Find out if you’ve found one of these companies by asking to see some examples of their blogs. If you see the same words over and over again, that’s keyword stuffing.
  • Duplicate Content – Then there are those companies that utilize the exact same blogs only changing them to meet local area needs. For example, a blog about finding the best real estate agent in Phoenix might read great but the company may use the exact same blog for a client they have in Denver. This is considered duplicate content and will not rank you in search engines.
  • Article Farms – It’s essential to stay away from businesses that use article farms. These are basically freelance writers outside of the United States that charge pennies for blogs. You know what they say about feeding peanuts to monkeys right? The same applies here. Good freelance writers will be able to write about any product or service if you choose the right small business Internet marketing company. Ask them upfront if they use article farms.

Query the companies you are reviewing to provide some examples of blogs their writers have written. Keep in mind, Internet marketing writers are ghost writers so the content they provide you may or may not have their name on it but the company owner’s name. To check if they actually wrote the piece, they should be able to provide you with the correct contact to verify.

Custom Plans

Why small businesses need an Internet Marketing Plan

A great small business Internet marketing company should have available pricing options but also be able to offer you a custom quote that varies from their standard plans. We do this at Don’t Have Time to Write! Check us out. We do provide quality freelance writers that are US-based and have 30 years combined writing and editing experience to ensure you get what you pay for. Look for professionalism to obtain what you want.

Ready to get started? Call Jean at 254-793-2485 or email me at jean@donthavetimetowrite.com.



Why Small Businesses Need an Internet Marketing Plan

Small Business Inbound Marketing Strategies

At Don’t Have Time to Write, we have helped dozens of small businesses get their internet marketing plans up and running in the last several years. Yet, a lot of the time, business owners are reluctant to try online marketing. Below, we will look at some of the reasons entrepreneurs are hesitant to enhance their online presence and why your organization should take advantage of the Internet to boost sales.

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Read This Before You Buy a Signworld Franchise!

Read this Before you Buy a Signworld Franchise

If you’re thinking about (or already have) a Signworld franchise, great! You will go far if you take advantage of all of their class offerings and connect with Signworld franchise owners nearby. In fact, they even suggest a mentor and visiting a fellow commercial sign maker for at least a week. That’s good advice. But before you buy a Signworld franchise, what else should you know?


Even though you’ll go through networking classes, it’s important that it’s up to YOU to do your own networking. That means joining your local Chamber of Commerce and going to town or city events and passing out business cards and getting to know your community in an intimate way. Your church or place of worship is also a great networking place.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, be sure to create one or update the one you do have. Add a company page about your new sign company and be as detailed as you can about your new business. Ask locals to connect to your page. Even better, search for groups in your area to connect with. One franchise in Irving, Texas connected with a Dallas/Fort Worth business group and found a lot of other business owners that needed signage!

Get on the Web

You’ll need a great website that displays your corporate logo and colors. Websites can cost a lot or you go for a cheap offer. Be careful, however, some of those offerings that are so cheap, may not be SEO searchable, meaning Google, Bing, and Yahoo may have trouble finding your website.

At Don’t Have Time to Write, we offer a 26-page WordPress website for all Signworld Franchises for only $1,000. That’s right, only $1,000! You’ll get 26 pages of sign products, an About US page, a Request for Quote Page and a Services Page! We’ll also insert a blog for you and give you one placeholder blog. But a website is only great if you keep it updated! In fact, here’s an example of two we did; one for DF Signs and Spotlight Signs:

Websites for Signworld Franchises
Internet Marketing for Signworld Franchises

Blogs / Landing Pages

Once your site is live, you need to update it regularly with blogs, landing pages, product information and projects you’ve completed. We offer deeply discounted pricing for Signworld owners and we have testimonials to stand behind what we do! Our packages include blogs and social media marketing. We can also add a newsletter once your customer list grows.

Social Media Marketing

It’s hard to find time to keep your social media accounts up-to-date with daily posts. We can also help with that. We can post to LinkedIn, Facebook, Google My Business and Twitter.  We can also help with Instagram and Pinterest. If you don’t post to your social media accounts daily, your followers will soon lose interest.

If you don’t have social media pages, we can even help set them up for you!

Google Analytics and Google Search Consoles

You also need to be able to look at your Google Analytics account to see how you’re website is doing. We can create and attach your Google Analytics account right to your WordPress dashboard so you can check it anytime!

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is another place where you must submit your sitemap so Google can index it and find any errors. From time to time, you may have an error for an incorrect link, images without ALT text or other Google Search Console recommendations. If you don’t know how to fix these errors, don’t worry, that’s included in your package with Don’t Have Time to Write!

It’s an All-Inclusive Package for Signworld Franchises

At Don’t Have Time to Write, your payment of $1,000 for a 26 Page WordPress website, social media account creations, set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We also stay on board with you for six months to make sure you know how to use your website. After six months, we only charge a small support fee of $50 annually.

You can skip the $50 annual fee if you have us write blogs or perform social media management for you (or both). We only create 100 percent original content blogs and we can also post blogs to your SignworldGO account.

So, before you buy a Signworld Franchise, make sure you have someone behind the scenes to help with your Internet marketing. We’ve been helping sign companies for ten years! We know how to write about everything from vehicle wraps to lobby signs to building signs to keeping your printer running!

We can’t wait to hear from you! Feel free to click the request a quote button below or email jean@donthavetimetowrite.com. Or call Jean directly at 254-793-2485!

Promoting Your Real Estate Agency with Inbound Marketing

Online Marketing for Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agencies need to promote their listings. They also need to build a trusted brand. While many can rely on the power of a big corporate brand (REMAX or Century 21) they still need to ensure they brand locally. How is this done best? Inbound marketing—or Internet marketing.

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