Online Marketing for Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agencies need to promote their listings. They also need to build a trusted brand. While many can rely on the power of a big corporate brand (REMAX or Century 21) they still need to ensure they brand locally. How is this done best? Inbound marketing—or Internet marketing.

How it Works

Inbound marketing is a defined process that has distinct stages:

  • Awareness – A person or business identifies a need or want.
  • Consideration – A person or business looks to the Internet for ideas.
  • Decision – The make a decision on a product or service that will fill their need or want.
  • Delight – Once they become your client, they become “delighters” or promotors of your real estate agency.

Making it Work for Realtors

Did you know that 95 percent of consumers will do research about home buying before they even pick up the phone and call a real estate agent? And, it’s not just home buying topics they are interested in. They may also perform Google searches for:

  • Foreclosure help
  • What is a title search
  • Where to find a home inspector
  • What is the going price of homes in (area)?
  • Who is the best real estate agent in (area)?
  • What is a mortgage assumption?
  • How much money do I need for a home down payment?
  • What are home loan interest rates right now?
  • And the list goes on and on!

As a real estate agency, if your website is missing blog posts that cover these topics—and all the other topics consumers search for, they’ll skip your website and move on to one that does have well-written blogs that are easy for the reader to understand.

Why Outsource Your Inbound Marketing?

Does your small business need a internet marketing plan

Real estate agents are busy folks. With all the competition out there, they must utilize most of their time engaging clients, showing homes, holding open houses and obtaining new listings.

Those things can take up 80 hours a week if you’re a dedicated Realtor. Outsourcing your real estate Internet marketing is simply smart. What you’ll receive are blogs filled with the information consumers seek. Your time is valuable so why not outsource your blogging and social media to a professionals that are versed in the industry?

At Don’t Have Time to Write, our goal is to aid real estate agencies with blogs, landing pages, website content and social media promotion. We also offer engaging newsletters to keep your client list up-to-date on what’s new at your agency.

Beyond that, we offer the lowest prices for inbound marketing for real estate agencies. We guarantee if you compare apples to apples, our services go above and beyond what you expected to get at an affordable price. And, each package is developed with your agency in mind. While we do have sample packages, we do customize our packages to ensure the inbound marketing you need works.

You need leads. Internet marketing will provide those leads but you must utilize inbound best practices including the right SEO for real estate agencies, the right META descriptions and keywords. Too many Realtor sites rely on “generic” content that Google algorithms may penalize. That basically means your blogs won’t be found in a Google search.

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